How do I book at the Stapelhäuschen?

Simple. Book on our Website or your favourite online travel agency such as expedia or etc. Select your preferred travel dates, choose your room type and move on to the payment. You receive your booking confirmation within minutes via email and message.
Almost forgot: Of course you'll always pay the best price if you directly book on our website.

Where can I book a stay at Stapelhäuschen?

On our website or on your preferred OTA such as

When do I get my booking confirmation?

Right after you have completed your booking. You receive the confirmation via email and message. It can take up to 15 min so don't be too impatient! Please get back to us in case you haven't gotten anything.

I haven't received my booking confirmation

No problem! Just text us and we'll get back to you within a couple of minutes.

Do children cost extra?

No, we love children as much as you do. Therefore we only charge for children which are older than ≥ 13 years.

Are there any extra charges or fees?

No. But it might occcur a city tax. You will see the city tax in the last step of the check-out when you book on our website. On other channels the city tax is always included in the total amount of your booking.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes you can, the question is if you can cancel for free and that depends on the rate you have booked. The flexible rates are cancellable up to 2 days before your arrival. So in that case you'll get a full refund.

I have cancelled my booking, when do I get the refund?

As soon as possible. It depends on your credit card institute and the payment method you have done the initial booking with. Usually it won't take longer than 3-10 days.

How do I extend my reservation?

Depending on the channel you have booked with Charly. For instance: If you have booked through, please log in, go to the Charly booking and extend your stay from there. The same process applies to all other booking channels (expedia, airbnb, hrs etc.). Please note: the extension must be done until 10am on the day of departure latest. When you have missed that time, then please drop us a message.

How do I cancel my stay?

Through the channel you have booked. By the way, the same process applies to every booking amendment you wanna make.

Can I book being underage?

No, unfortunatelly you have to be at least 18 years old to book a room.

Online Check-In

Why is the online-check-in needed?

Good question! The online-check-in is the registration form Charly is required to gather controlled by the German authorities. It is nothing else than the online-check-in you need to do for a flight.

How does the online-check-in work?

Easy. You'll find a link or button in your confirmation. Just click on it and you'll get forwarded to the online check in mask. Enter your personal data correctly and complete the form. The online-check-in is something Charly needs for the German authorities since there won't be a real reception on site. One tip: the earlier you complete the online-cehck-in the less effort you'll have when your stay is upcoming.


How do I access the wifi?

You will find the network name and the wifi password in your personal guest map.

Will an employee meet me at my Charly?

No, we don't have any staff or a reception on site like in a normal hotel you might know. Charly is digital and spends the money on thing you'll love. We are reachable all the time though, just not in person :)

How do I get my key?

There isn't a classic key which you will receive at the reception because there isn't a reception. You will open the door with your phone by using a mobile key which you will receive on the day of arrival.

How do I access my room?

By using your smartphone

How do I request an early check-in or a late checkout?

Just shoot us a message and we'll see what we can do. The usual check in time is 3pm. And the usual check-out time is 10am. Charly needs some time to clean the rooms so we hope for your understanding in case we won't make it happen.

Is the check in depending on special times?

Yeah, it is indeed. Check-in is from 3pm and check out unitl 10am.

Which room categories does the Stapelhäuschen offer?

You will find the following room categories in the Stapelhäuchen:
- Single room with sink and shared bathroom
- Single room with sink, shower and shared toilet 
- Single room with private bathroom 
- Double room with sink and shared bathroom
- Double room with sink, shower and shared toilet 
- Double room with private bathroom 
- Four-Bed room with shared bathroom

Can I make a special request?

Of course you can! Just give us a heads up and we'll try to fulfill your wishes. But please note that it of course depends on the capacity so we won't make any promises.

Will my room have cable television?

Of course, we offer a Smart-TV with normal television.

Can I bring my pet?

No, unfortunately not.

Am I allowed to smoke in my room?

No, you are not allowed. We don't want our rooms to smell like smoke and likely also not the guest after you. In case you think about violating this rule we serve the right to charge a fee. You can find the entire house rules on the website.

How do I report an issue during my stay?

We won't leave you alone. Drop us a message and we'll get back to you within a couple of minutes.

What amenities do you provide?

We provide shampoo and shower gel in all rooms that have a shower.

How do I find or report a lost item?

Drop us a message and we'll give our best to find your missing item. If we find it we're happy to send it back to you in exchange to a small fee.

Is there a limit to the check-in time?

No, after 3PM you can check-in whenever you want. Through your mobile key you are completely independent from strict opening times. There is no check-in on site.

How many rooms share one community bathroom?

About 1 to 3 rooms share a bathroom on one floor. The rest of the rooms is equipped with a private bathroom.


My payment did not work, what can I do?

Choose another payment method and try it again. There can be several reasons why it's not working: volume on credit, not accepted credit card etc. card If it still does not work then please reach out to us and we'll help you getting it done!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept every common credit card.

When and how do I pay?

For any flexible rates you pay two days before the arrival.

I am traveling for business reasons, can I get the city tax back?

Sure thing! You can already state in your online-check-in that you are travelling due to business reasons. If you have done so we'll remove the city tax automatically.


My invoice is incorrect (e.g. billing address). How do I get it fixed?

Just reach out to us and we'll send you the updated invoice via your preferred channel. Please directly include the right billing address so that we can reply by attaching the new correct invoice.

How do I get my invoice?

Automatically on the day of your departure via email. We cannot provide you with a printed invoice since we don't even own a printer.



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