Car sharing provider

Just take a quick look at this website for information about car sharing in Cologne.

Parking options nearby

The closest parking garage is the CONTIPARK Groß Sankt Martin.

Parking costs

You will find all information and all prices here.

Parking at the Stapelhäuschen

No, since the hotel cannot be any more central in the city heart of Cologne, we don't have our own parking lots.

Route Stapelhäuschen - main train station

You find the way descripzion from the main train station to the Stapelhäuschen here.

Route Stapelhäuschen - airport

Here you find the way description from the airport to the stapelhäuschen.

Next public transport station

The next public transport station is called Heumarkt. Click the link here to see how to get there.

Bike sharing provider

You will find all information you need about bike sharing in Cologne here.

Park your bike

If you are looking for a safe place to park your bike, feel free to check here.


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Das kleine Stapelhäuschen
Fischmarkt 1-3 / Gästeeingang: Lintgasse
D-50667 Köln (Am Rheinufer)